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3 things I love (and 1 thing I hate) about our wearable camera

  With energetic little kids it’s often hard to capture the quick moments when I find them being truly imaginative or especially quirky. By the time I’ve... Read more +

Creating a Superhero Pinata!

Our son Trenton had a superhero party for his 4th birthday, and no party for pre-schoolers is complete without an awesome candy filled pinata right?! Now,... Read more +

The origins of Half Pint Hero

The idea for Half Pint Hero dates back to a super hero shirt and cape that our son Trenton received for his second birthday, and... Read more +

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Half Pint Hero was created to bring unique designs and quality superhero shirts and capes to kids who play hard. As a toddler our son Trenton was obsessed with capes, and flat out refused to wear anything else for a solid two years. This made Easter and Christmas somewhat awkward, but also left us desperate to find new super hero shirts and capes to buy him. Forget about finding anything other than Batman and Superman in stores and even the online choices left us disappointed. So, my wife and I (who are both professional artists) decided to take our illustrative talents and create a line of super hero shirts and capes that made our son happy and hopefully will make your children happy as well.